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Graphic Editing

Graphics/Image Editing
Data Outsourcing offers a full range of graphic/image editing services including image correction, digital image processing, image editing, photo scanning and photo manipulation services.

Graphic Editing / Image Editing Services:
If you have an online store/e-commerce website, then this must be sounding familiar.
You get the catalogs from a variety of trade sources, like manufacturer's website, physical catalogs, digitally shot images etc.
The images need to suit the design of your website and must be suitable for web hosting.
Data Outsourcing provides graphic services for image correction and image manipulation and these range from image cropping to enhancement and retouching.

These services include:
process the source images by cleaning up if required (sometimes removing unwanted background which means extract the image only by using lasso tool)
adding a uniform background color.

Image cropping: making the image suitable for web hosting, by trimming the edges or cropping the background. adding a border

Photo enhancement: work on lighting, resolution, backgrounds, shadows and colors
adding a watermark/signature

Photo retouching: The images can be retouched to remove creases or any extraneous objects. The black and white images can be converted to color and vice versa.
re-sizing to different size options for thumbnail, normal and zoom view etc.
strictly following your file naming convention for the images