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Web Content Production Services

We offer SEO content production as a service for all of our clients, and we do so for a number of essential reasons.
Your website needs real content in order to rank well. Google et. al. consider an information resource to be more important than a low-content website, regardless of the true value each site may represent to the end-user. The low-content site might provide a service or tool, and do so spectacularly well, while the information resource may simply talk about services or tools, without providing anything more substantial to an end-user - but because google has little more information to go on than the written content on the websites, it will attribute more value to the page with lots of text.

It is essential to provide information in the form of substantial (read: more than a few lines) text based around the key-phrases we want to rank on.

Mapping the keywords we wish to rank on to a logical website architecture is a very important aspect of preparing your site to rank on multiple key-phrases at the search engines. You may already have a great deal of content, but if it is made less accessible by the technology you use to link to it, the file-names and URIs of the pages themselves, or the lack of focus placed on the phrase we wish to rank for, this content is not doing all that it can for you. To get the most out of your content it should be tailored to your ranking goals, integrated intelligently into your own website, and ultimately linked to from the rest of the Internet.

We help you figure out what topics you need to produce content for, have that content written, optimize that content as new static webpages based around your key-phrases, integrate the new pages into your website appropriately, and acquire links to the content.

The last step, acquiring links from the rest of the internet, should not be considered an after-though, but rather a primary segment of your SEO efforts. Canalytics will provide options for comprehensive link acquisition strategies tailored to your budget and goals.

There are two overall approaches that you can take when producing content for your website - the first involves simply providing some information related to your products or services, essentially for the purpose of letting the search engines know your site is about 'these things' - the second approach is much more involved, but is also more likely to sustain itself over time. This approach is to try and build a truly valuable information resource on your topic or niche. Not only will high quality and interesting content be more likely to engage your audience and have them gain confidence in your brand or products, but it also just might attract its own links from the rest of the internet naturally (saving you time, money and a great deal of effort).

Graphic Support Services:
Web Content Production/Catalog Processing Services

If needed, Suntec provides graphic services for image editing, image correction and image manipulation and these range from image cropping to enhancement and retouching. These services include:
» process the source images by cleaning up if required (sometimes removing unwanted background which means extract the image only by using lasso tool)
» adding a uniform background color
» adding a border
» adding a watermark/signature
» re-sizing to different size options for thumbnail, normal and zoom view etc.
» following your file naming convention for the images

Web Content Production/Catalog Processing Services

Producing, maintaining and updating web content/catalogs for an online store / e-commerce website is normally a continuous process, in terms of adding new products, revising prices periodically, deleting old models and so on. The data entry and graphic work is performed by skilled operators under the supervision of a project manager who interfaces with you for status updates and instructions.
Training is of utmost importance, and this necessitates frequent interaction with you to ensure successful outsourcing.

Understanding correct product categories & subcategories: We understand the importance of acquiring sufficient knowledge on the product categories and formatting the product description as per your requirements.
As we go along, the products will differ in their unique features, which means the process is not exactly repetitive and specific steps may have to be followed for a new product or product category.
Some companies may have unique front and back end processes.
A member from our professional team experienced in such web content / catalog processing projects will communicate with you to understand your specific requirements, and will continue to liaise with you for instructions, status updates and ensuring timely deliverables. We'll be more than willing to acquire new knowledge about your business and your requirements and we'll work with on a sample/prototype project to let you evaluate our capabilities.

Typical Cases
Web Content Production/Catalog Processing Services

Produce the contents using the product information from an e-commerce site into database The client is starting an online stores / e-commerce site to sell all products available on his supplier's site. He needs all the product information from the supplier's website. The major challenge is that there are more than 100,000 products on the targeted website and all products should be saved in the exactly same format into a database (Access or any relational database) with all possible product information (i.e. name, description, product details, SKUs, categories, shipping, price, etc.).

Further, the products on this site are separated into hundreds of categories and thousands of subcategories. Some products directly belong to the main categories but many others are under subcategories' subcategories. We need to understand and separate the specific category information for each product and save the corresponding information into the product database.

Maintenance of Online Stores:
We have great experience in such kind of projects, we offer reliable and affordable services for various kinds of online stores, such as :

» medical equipments online stores
» racing bike's parts online stores
» men or women apparels online stores
» plumbing items online stores
» property online records
» lighting objects online stores etc.