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Web Research Services

Web-based Market Research
Data Outsourcing delivers a wide range of web-based market research solutions to clients belonging to finance, automation, automobile, government, FMCG, media, publishing, public relations, transportation, healthcare and various other industries. We use unique methodology to provide accurate, reliable, speedy and cost effective web-based market research services to our customers. We gather information from websites using multiple search engines. We strive to provide high quality services to our customers using the updated technologies.

Secondary Research Methods
Secondary research methods occur when a project requires a summary or collection of existing data. As opposed to data collected directly from respondents or "research subjects" for the express purposes of a project, (often called "empirical" or "primary research"), secondary data research involves sources that already exist.

Sources of external secondary data include:
» Government Publications
» General Press
» Industry Journals
» Trade Associations
» Public Company SEC Filings
» Investment Brokerages and Information Services
» Newsgroups and UseNet
» Government Publications

Much of this information like studies about the economy and about the consumers and businesses has been made accessible via the Web, so a good first stop in secondary search should be the main Web pages of the government agencies responsible for producing these reports.

General Press
Searching the back archives of major newspapers and magazines can yield quite a bit of useful data.

Industry Journals
Industry journals are magazines that are dedicated to cover even the most esoteric goings-on in their particular business. In addition to providing news such as business mergers, new product launches, and the like, trade journals often quote useful statistics of one kind or another. Sites like Looksmart (www.looksmart.com) and DirectHit (www.directhit.com) have excellent hierarchical menus and search tools that allow you to find out an amazing number of trade journals that are either reprinted on the Web.

Trade Associations
Organization that exists to promote the common interests of people in that line of business. These groups are treasure chests of useful information and people. Larger associations often publish major industry journals and sponsor industry-wide research.

Public Company SEC Filings
Publicly-traded companies will be regularly file reports. These reports may contain explicitly useful marketplace data, such as estimates of market size or growth prospects, though this is more the exception than the norm. What they all have, however, is information about financial performance that can be creatively used to deduce all kinds of important data points. Public company filings are usually be found on the companies’ Web sites.

Investment Brokerages and Information Services
Analysts constantly monitor and assess various industries’ potential, and often write opinions on the future of various industry sectors and of companies within those sectors. These opinions and analyses can be fantastic sources of information that can help satisfy your research needs.

Newsgroups and UseNet
These discussion groups are commonly known as Newsgroups, even though you’ll be more likely to find discussions than news articles there.